Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Happy Hump Day!!! Today our featured Michigan Artist is......

1. Why and/or how did you get interested in making your products?
I have been knitting and crocheting for almost 20 years. Growing up in an artistic family with crafters and a muralist as my inspiration, I was encouraged to create from a very young age. DJ started making Jewelry just this summer in response to a custom request to make one of his flies into a pair of earrings, and it took off from there and has become a passion.

2. Do you make/design the product or do other people help you?
Everything we do is collabrative. He and I run design ideas by each other all the time, but the actual construction/stitching is done by only one or the other.

3. What is the favorite piece you have made and why?
My favorite piece is a work in progress. I'm using a pattern my late father designed to make an updated blanket for our bedroom. DJ's favorite is the dreamcatcher earrings he made for me using traditional Mohawk techniques taught to him by a pipe carrier.

Here are some of their beautiful work:

If you'd like to see more of their beautiful work, you can find SkileyKnits at the Nature's Best Farmer's Market in Fairview every Friday Morning. They will also be in Beaverton August 20th and 21st, and at the Curran Black Bear Festival September 24

You can find their blog here:
And of course, you can stop by their etsy shop: SkileyKnits

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