Friday, August 12, 2011

Clover Pottery

Woo Hoo it's friday!
Today our featured artist is Clover Pottery

My first experience with clay/pottery making was a rather inept attempt to rescue my friend's brother from certain "summer ruining" punishment. He'd used his grandmother's dishes as target practice for his BB gun. Lame-O! Anyway, I dug up a bunch of clay from the creek behind their house and used a paper plate asa pattern for the clay replacement dishes. We put them out in the sun until they were dry, then "cooked" them in the oven. When the "plates" were cooled off, we used model car paints to color them. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

They broke apart as we tried to stack them in the cupboard - and her brother was busted - just like the plates... but at least I tried.

Because I've always been a "wallower" and love the feel, smell and everything else to do with clay, I'm too selfish to let anyone help me make my pottery... I work alone and have been seriously making my pots since 1969. Thankfully, my family and friends basically leave me alone when I'm making my pottery. I meditate while I work. I believe that clay is NOT static, but dynamic. What I am feeling while I work is what someone else will take home with them when they choose one of my pots. I've very careful about what kind of energy I put into my art.

My inspiration comes from nature, whether it's in the making of my horse hair pottery or the more functional pieces.

My favorite pieces are my horse hair pots. The hair comes from my own horses and I love them, (my horses) more than life itself. Each piece is special in that they not only contain my own energy, but also the spirit of my horses. I'm part Sioux and find this combination of pottery and horses quite natural for me.

Here are some of her beautiful pieces:

I haven't been doing shows of late, however, I'm happy to say that I will be at Ferndale's new venue - The Rust Belt Market- August 13th (Saturday 11:00am - 7:00pm). You can't believe how hip that place is... sort of like Ann Arbor back in the 60's. Come on and check it out! I bet you'll feel right at home.

You can find more of her pottery at:
And go check out her blog:

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