Monday, August 15, 2011

Lala Dangerous

Today our Featured Artist is LalaDangerous

1. Why and/or how did you get interested in making your products?
I got into this last year, when my sister in law showed me the website I was so intrigued by the idea of an eBay for handmade and vintage items!!! I had been making ornaments for Christmas presents that year because we were short on money!
My sister liked them she suggested I start an Etsy store and so I did!

2. Do you make/design the product or do other people help you?
All of my items, and ideas are mine. I have taken a suggestion or two from my husband and friends but most of the items are my own original ideas. I am inspired by the 19th century early and late...I love all of the looks, textures and designs from that era!

3. What is your favorite piece and why?
My most favorite piece so far is the pirate ornament I just recently did. It's fantasy, Victorian and one of my absolute favorites!

Here are some of her other beautiful ornaments:

I have to say, these are the most stunning and unique ornaments I have ever seen!

LalaDangerous is doing a craft and sales expo at Pine Grove Church in Howard City. The expo is from 10:30a-3p and is open to the public. Stop by, say hello and see these beautiful ornaments in person.

LalaDangerous is also open to custom orders, so if you see one of her designs and would like it in another color she would be happy to do that for you!!! Keep in mind that not all items are exactly alike due to the materials she has on hand and constantly changing stock, however they will be very similar.

You can also keep up with her on facebook:

And if you would like to buy one of these on line, or see her other beautiful creations, check out her etsy store:

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