Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Happy Tuesday everyone! Today our featured Michigan Artist is GaryTheCarpenter

GaryTheCarpenter is a retired carpenter who thought that retirement was going to give him the time to do all the things he never had time for when he was working.. His list wasn’t as large as he thought and he found that he needed a way to make his income stretch just a bit further. One day his three grandsons asked hin to make them a large truck that they could climb on. That got him started on making birdhouses, and feeders. According to GaryTheCarpenter his three grandsons are his biggest fans, and he enjoys making them a little something for birthdays, christmas, and well, just because. He thinks that making things out of wood, is pure pleasure, his greatest pleasure comes form the look in his grandsons eyes, when he hands them a new item.

His Donkey birdfeeder and birdhouse always makes him laugh, and I have to admit, they make me laugh as well.

And just look at this mailbox and birdhouse!

To see some more unique and fun Toys, Bird houses, and feeders, take a look at GaryTheCarpenters etsy shop: GaryTheCarpenter

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