Thursday, September 8, 2011


Happy Thursday Everyone!
Today I am highlighting the wonderful photography shop of ShoppeVonShultz

1. Why and/or how did you get interested in taking photos?
When I was going through a hard time, I would take drives because driving was cathartic for me. I started taking my camera along and realized I loved taking photos. I never took any classes, but kept upgrading my equipment and pushing myself to learn more and get better.

2. Do you make/design the product or do other people help you?
Of course I take my own photos, but I am also looking at other artists' work for inspiration. I would never want to recreate what they do, but there are definitely artists I admire and draw ideas from.

3. What is the favorite piece you have made and why?
Mission II is my favorite photo. I love it because it is the epitome of simple grace. I grew up in central Phoenix and was always able to find beauty in urban environments. Urban fragments are one of my favorite things to capture with the camera. I love the city and the lights and the conglomeration of buildings, adobe, modern, bank and business towers next to old missions. Mission II is a moment of peace and grace in a city where nothing stops and very little stays the same for long.

I love the peaceful colors in this photo!

Here are some of her other favorites:

I love both of these peices as well! And she also makes ACEO's, this is one of my favorites:

She beleives that photography is an extremely powerful record of our lives and what is important to us. If there is something you feel is important, capture it. If you've been putting off that family photo, schedule it!

If you'd like to see more of her work, or purchase any of these, just go to ShoppeVonShultz
If you'd like to see what she is upto, Check out her facebook page:

And take a look at her blog:

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