Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today our featured artist is Inkwear99

1. Why and/or how did you get interested in making your products? My husband and I own a tattoo shop and we realize that tattoo’s arent for everyone. However, most people love art, whether it is on your skin, a pair of shoes, a shirt, tote, etc…. We thought that we could put tattoo inspired art on shoes and such. My husband had done some screen printing in high school and remembered some of the steps in doing it. We purchased the equipment and started a small family business in the basement. My son and my step kids, 15,15 and 16 are a big help when it comes to coming up with designs and wearing the shoes and shirts to school for advertising. It really is a family business.

2. Do you make/design the product or do other people help you? Most of the designs have been designed by someone in the family. However, we love custom orders and making someones idea come to life on a pair of shoes or a tshirt.

3. What is the favorite piece you have made and why? I think this is my favorite piece:

Aren't these shoes great?

Here are some of her other favorite pieces:

5. Do you do craft shows?

We have not done any craft shows yet. However, we have been thinking of doing a gun show with some new tshirt designs. We are going to go to one this month, check it out and if everything works out, the show that we do will be in November.

One of the great things I love about Inkwear99 is that they do fantastic custom work! And they really do love custom orders, shoes or shirts. It gives them such a great feeling to make a one of a kind item for a very happy customer. I have to add, that I happen to be one very, very happy customer!

If you'd like to see their other fantastic work, check them out on their Etsy Shop
You can also find them on facebook www.facebook.com/inkwear99, and Zibbet www.zibbet.com/inkwear99

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